Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alan Adams 1966-2009

This morning started off on a sad note. I received news that my friend, Alan Adams died last Wednesday in the hospital. Alan, like me, had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that has taken away so many people. This news rudely slapped me in the face with my own mortality, and has increased my wish for a cure. It also shows that you must take every day as it comes and to enjoy life; because you never know when that bell will toll for you.

I met Alan, five years ago, on the internet in the group DMD Pioneers. We would chat on Yahoo Messenger, or talk via the internet. Sometimes we would play on-line games as we talked. Often, we invited a fellow DMDer, Jeff Petrie to join us in the fun. I never met Alan in person, since he lived in Pennsylvania. He was humble, kind, good-natured, and had a love of life. I always enjoyed talking with him, and he was glad to talk to me. My thoughts go out to his family on this day that he was laid to rest. It was great to have known you, my friend. You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Alan's niece.
It was nice for him to have people who understood who he was going through.
He was a very caring person, and wanted to help others as much as he could.

and everyone he talked to on DMD pioneers helped him too, and also kept him going.
and i thank all of you for that.


Anonymous said...

i meant "what he was going through"*

Zebbes mamma said...

Hello, My name is Maria, I live in Sweden. My son is almost 6 years old now. He has DMD. We found out that he had it when he was four. I want to thank you, for writing,and showing pictures of you. It helps us to keep on going with our life.

I write in swedish. but I have a button, so you can translate my blog.
If you want to read about Zebastian.

I hope that you are felling ok,I´m sorry for your friend...

Keep on writning. :)

// Mia, Zebastians mother

Diane J Standiford said...

My smpathies, John. Losing a friend is so hard and unfair, especially difficult when the loss was due to your health bond---I hope you will stay strong. Looking forward to more jokes. Laughter is good medicine for the scarred soul.