Friday, October 04, 2013

Todd Galli. Gone, but Not Forgotten 1976-2012

A year ago today, my friend, Todd Galli died peacefully in his sleep. Like me, Todd had Duchenne muscular dystrophy and used a ventilator. He may have only lived thirty-six years, but his was a full life. His disability did not keep him from enjoying life to the fullest. If he wanted to do something he would make it possible. To him obstacles were there to be overcome, not to keep him down. He was determined not to miss out on life. Years ago he made a list of things he was going to accomplish. A month or so before his death he had completed his list.

There were many items on his list. One item was his desire to climb a mountain. For a person in his condition, this was an audacious plan. Todd was undaunted. He raised the funds, recruited volunteers, and had a special chair made so he could be carried up the mountain. Once everything was arranged he was able to climb a 10,000 foot mountain in the Sierra Nevadas. Another was his desire to go sailing. With the help of a local charity, he was able, through the help of adaptive controls to control a small sailboat.

His most important items on the list were getting married, and being a father. He met his wife, Molly on an internet dating site, and it was a great match. They were together for ten years, and married for eight of those years. They were made for each other. The two of them became a family with the adoption of Mary Grace. Todd was so happy to be a husband and father. He showed a deep love for his wife and daughter, and always had their best interests at heart.

Though I only knew Todd about five years, his life has had an influence upon me. I strive to do more with my life, and to not give up on my dreams. He was always encouraging me to go for it. I may fall short at times, but I still make the effort.