Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year in Review

As 2007 comes to a close, it is time to reflect on the past year. The last year was full of ups and downs, happiness, sadness, and loss.

The year got off to a rocky start when in January scar tissue in my trachea created an obstruction to my airway, which caused me to stop breathing a few times which led to three visits to the E.R. and two short hospital stays. After the last ordeal, the doctor removed some of the scar tissue from my trachea. The problem was solved. But, nine months later after no problems with my trach, the obstruction returned and I stopped breathing a few times. This led to two visits to the E.R. in two days. The doctor advanced the trach tube past the scar tissue and the problem was resolved again. At the end of October I saw another doctor who ordered a different trach to hopefully prevent future problems. I hope to get it soon. (see blog posts of 3/14, 10/15, 10/17, 10/30/2007)

In March, I regained my voice. Trying to communicate with out a voice was a very frustrating experience for me and those trying to figure what I wanted. The thought of being mute didn't sit well with me. I was determined to talk again. With persistance and the help of my nurse, Ernie I acheived my goal.

In July, I celebrated my 39th birthday with a western-themed party with friends and family. It was an ideal way to spend my birthday. 39 isn't a particularly special birthday, but it was to me. When I was so sick in 2006, I was uncertain if I would see my next birthday. (see blog post of 7/9/2007)

In August, I attended my 20 year high school reunion. I enjoyed seeing and visiting with classmates I hadn't seen in years. I think many of my classmates were surprised to see me there. It was very nostalgic. (see blog post of 8/13/2007) I took in an abandoned kitten that my sister found. Lucky has turned out to be a joy and a comfort to me. Watching him play is also one of my simple pleasures. (see blog post of 9/1/2007)

In October, I went to the Miramar Airshow at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. It was a fantastic show, especially when the Air force Thunderbirds performed their death-defying maneuvers. (see blog post of 10/12/2007) At the end of the month, wildfires raged throughout San Diego County, causing over 300,000 people to evacuate their homes and destroying around 1500 homes. My home was in the path of the firestorm and I had to evacuate for three days. It was a nerve-wracking time for everybody. The hard work of the firefighters prevented my home and other homes in my immediate area from burning. (see blog posts of 10/21 and 10/25/2007)

I had a nice, low-keyed Thanksgiving with my parents. I was thankful to still have a home. (see blog post of 11/22/2007) A few days later, I rocked out at the Van Halen concert in San Diego. It was awesome. (see blog post of 11/26/2007)

The year ended with a wonderful and joyful Christmas spent with family. (see blog post of 12/26/2007)

In Memorium

A summary of the year would not be complete without mentioning those who are no longer around. I lost two special people in 2007.

Aunt Kathryn (1923-2007)

In March my beloved aunt and godmother passed on after losing her valiant struggle with cancer. She was an integral part of the family and her death has created a void that cannot be filled. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her. She was a woman with inner strength, compassion, and grace. Whenever we went to her and my Uncle Bill's home, she was always happy to see me. She was a very welcoming person. Everyone was welcome at her house, including ex sons and daughters-in-law, and even strangers. She accepted people for who they were.

Lianne Harding (1963-2007)

In May, a friend of mine from the adult Muscular Dystrophy support group, Lianne Harding died suddenly at home. She was always concerned with others and enjoyed life despite her disability. Though she was frail in body, she was strong in spirit. She was an integral part of the support group and is still missed. (see blog post of 5/21/2007)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Lianne in your Blog. Your friendship meant so very much to her and she always was concerned with your health and treasured your friendship.
You are an Incredible man John. Thank you for your Love towards Lianne and to all of us around you.
We all miss Lianne.

My warmest regards,
Bill Harding