Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toys for Tots

Today I donated gifts to Toys for Tots; one of my favorite charities. It is such a great cause. But, I was saddened to hear that donations were down this season. The uncertain state of the economy is making people less eager to give. But, at least there are still toys to give away to poor children. Just not as many as they would like. I like the thought that the toys I donate go to children that may not have gifts to open on Christmas. It is always a nice feeling to give, especially to those who are less fortunate. As I have grown older I have realized that it is better to give than receive. That is the spirit of Christmas. If you are looking for a good cause to donate to, Toys for Tots is the one.

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Jason G said...


I am glad that you were able to give this year. The economy really is down this year (for the average American) and I think we'll see that reflected not only in donations but retail shopping also. I myself can barely afford gifts for my friends and family. I wish I had more to give.

Also, I was reading some of your past blogs (I was a little behind) and I noticed that you always refer to Ernie as "your nurse" - it seems that with all the things he has done with you and for you that he is much more than just a nurse. Nurse is so impersonal. I think it would be more fitting to refer to him as "your friend" or simply just "Ernie." Just a suggestion from one friend to another.