Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

To start the new year, instead of talking about resolutions, the past year, and what I have planned for the new year, I would like to share the wisdom of Loren Nancarrow. Loren died on Saturday after an eleven month battle with brain cancer, which he chronicled on his blog, The Nancarrow Project. I only knew him from watching him on the local news stations in San Diego. Besides being a newscaster, he was also an avid environmentalist. By sharing his experiences and thoughts about living with brain cancer he encouraged and inspired many, not just those with cancer.

In the article, "Five Lessons Loren Nancarrow Taught Us", by Matthew T. Hall, which appeared in The San Diego Union-Tribune on December 28, he shares five words of wisdom from Loren Nancarrow. These lessons can serve as a great starting point for the new year, and something to follow throughout the year, and throughout your life.

Here are the five lessons Loren Nancarrow taught us:
  1. Find reasons to rejoice
  2. Anticipate "the possibilities of tomorrow."
  3. Remain in awe of sunsets
  4. "Wherever they are, whatever they may be, seek out your passions and cultivate them" while also being mindful "that it is far better to do good for others, than to do good for oneself."
  5. Be curious. Start by finding another lesson yourself.
Rest in peace, Loren and happy new year to all my readers.

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Jon's Pop said...

John, Thanks for introducing The Nancarrow Project Blog where there is so much love and nourishment for the soul in their writings. I don't follow blogs - yours is it. Thanks for continuing to write. Happy New Year and love to you all.