Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trach Change

Today I went to UCSD Medical Center to see Dr. Harrel for a routine trach change and bronchoscopy. The trach slid in smoothly and the broncoscopy showed no scar tissue problems. This is good since I have had so much trouble in the past with scar tissue obstructing my trach. I always feel good when there are no problems. In February the doctor tried four different trachs before he found the right fit (see blog post of 2/12/2008). It turned out my original type of trach was the best trach for me. So today there was no experimentation with trachs. He put in the same type of trach. I made it clear that I wanted the same trach. Why fix it if it isn't broken? I will go back in July for my next trach change.

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