Wednesday, October 17, 2007

E.R. Revisited

I had to visit the emergency room at Scripps Hospital in Encinitas again today. My trach was obstructed again. Early this morning while being trach suctioned, I couldn't breathe and my nurse, Ernie had to grab the ambu bag and got me breathing again. I decided to go to the E.R. later this morning after trying to get some sleep. At the E.R. I found out that Dr. Eisman, the pulmonologist who always treats me, was not there; they thought he had left the country for vacation. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Eisman, and to have another pulmonologist treat me made me a little apprehensive. No one knows my situation as well as he does. He has been treating me for 13 years. I would be treated by Dr. Clark, his associate.

Again I had the usual chest x-ray. But, this time they had to do the dreaded blood work. I am very difficult to draw blood from. I usually end up like a human pin cushion from all the poking. Luckily, I was only poked twice. The RT(respiratory therapist), Janet, who has worked with me many times over the last 13 years, came in the exam room to set up the bronchoscope. Unlike the two stooges who had trouble setting up the bronchoscope during my E.R. visit Saturday night, Janet is very much on top of things. I have a lot of confidence in her. Dr. Clark soon came in. To my relief, he had contacted Dr. Eisman, who gave him advice on how to handle my situation. He put the bronchoscope down my trach and saw the flap of scar tissue in the trachea that keeps blocking my trach tube. He advanced the trach farther past the obstruction. After he was done I was allowed to go home. But, I will need to undergo a procedure soon to have the scar tissue removed.

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