Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today I went to the UCSD Medical Center for my bronchoscopy, and I thought, the removal of scar tissue. I was a little nervous since I had never seen this doctor before. But, this was unfounded. Dr. Harrel is one of the top pulmonologists in San Diego. I was told that I was just having a bronchoscopy so that the doctor could decide whether to remove the scar tissue from my trachea. A young doctor did the procedure, but Dr. Harrel surpervised. After putting the scope down my trach, and having a look around, the scope was removed. The procedure was done. Dr. Harrel decided not to remove the scar tissue and ordered a different trach for me. My trach tube had been advanced past the scar tissue last time I visited the E.R. (see blog post of 10/17/2007) In its present position, there was no sign of scar tissue below the trach tube; the tissue was smooth and a healthy pink. There was no danger of scar tissue blocking my trach tube. The new trach will have a non-adjustable tube. It will stay in the same position. My present trach has an adjustable flange which allows the doctor to move the trach tube to any position. But, since I have scar tissue higher up, the trach tube doesn't need to be moved. It will stay where it is. I feel relieved that I will not need surgery. It looks like I don't have to worry much about trach obstructions. I feel very positive. The new trach sounds like it will be good. Of coarse, when the new trach is put in I will know for sure. But, I feel it will be just fine. I hope it comes in soon.


sking789 said...

What type of trach do you presently have? Shiley ? I went through something similar.

Stacy Viva Biener said...

I read your Bronchoscopy and Fires story and am so amazed by your wonderful upbeat attitude despite everything going on around you. You articulate so well and are such an amazing writer. Also, I love your website, it looks great!
Keep enlighting us!