Tuesday, September 25, 2007

San Diego Zoo

Yesterday I went to the San Diego Zoo with my nurse, Ernie. It is another one of my favorite places to visit in San Diego. This is a great time of year to visit since the tourist season has ebbed. It is hard to maneuver a wheelchair through the throngs of people. We started by going through the Monkey Trails exhibit. The exhibit shows the flora and fauna of the tropical forests of Africa and Asia. The highlight is the monkeys, of coarse. They are among my favorite animals. I enjoy watching them climb, swing, and frolic. We also wandered through the numerous aviaries to see the variety of colorful, exotic birds. Hearing the cacaphony of bird songs, and sounds is so peaceful and soothing. Another exhibit I always enjoy visiting is the orangutan enclosure. They are so amusing to see. Their antics always draw a crowd. It's as if they want an audience. I never get tired of watching them. They make me laugh. But they are also so smart. One was using a twig to get food out of a replica ant hill. That's how the do it in the wild. It is sad to know that their habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. We may not see a future with orangutans living in the wild if this keeps up. We also saw the bonobos, sometimes called "pygmy chimpanzees." They are also fun to watch. One saw me and came right up to the plexiglas with a young one riding on it's back (See picture above) to check out this strange creature on the other side. I felt like I was the one on display. Lastly, I was able to see the Giant Pandas without the crowds. Usually I don't see them because the lines to view them are too long. They are beautiful animals which remind me of big, cuddly teddy bears. Of coarse their teeth and claws would seriously injure you. I look forward to seeing the new panda cub when he is old enough to be put on public display.
The zoo is another great place to get around in a wheelchair. They also have shuttle buses to transport disabled people around the zoo.


Ceci Alba said...

I am glad that you had such a wonderful time. Those pictures are so great! Keep up the great posts!!

Emma R. said...

Oh I am so jealous. I used to live in the San Diego area, and I miss the zoo so much. I am glad you had a good time. Love your pictures.

P.S. I found your page through the NPVSN Ventilator Support Group on yahoo in case you are wondering. I am loriladybug76.

Lori (Emma's Mom)