Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hands Free Mouse

I recently purchased a hands free alternative to the mouse. Due to my Muscular Dystrophy, I was starting to lose strength in my hands. It got to the point that it was getting more difficult to move the mouse and click the buttons. I constantly needed help to put my hand on my mouse, since it kept slipping off. I was losing the strength to keep my hand on my mouse. Using the computer started to become a frustrating and tiring experience for me. I started to feel discouraged.

But all this would change when I discovered the Naturalpoint SmartNav 3:AT hands free mouse. It uses an infra-red camera mounted on top of my monitor to track my head movement. A reflective dot stuck to the bridge of my glasses reflects the light back to the camera which tells the computer to move the pointer. To click, it uses a feature called dwell clicking in which I hover over the item I want to click for a few seconds and it clicks. To type I use an on-screen keyboard. This device has made the computer easier and more enjoyable to use.


sylvia said...

Hi John:

Little Bibbi just reminded me about your blog and I was so impressed with your writing. You express your thoughts and emotions so beautifully and are truly an inspiration. Michael and I are so looking forward to celebrating your 39th birthday. Love from both of us.

Karen Wood said...

Hey JP,

You are an inspiration to us all! I love reading your blog for the insight I get into your life. Sending hugs and kisses for your big 3-9!


tricia downey said...

Hi John,
Bibbi had forwarded your blog information and I've just completed reading it. What an inspiration you are! AND with such a great writing style, you had to have been well educated at the University of San Diego :)
I've also just completed registering for our 20 YEAR high school reunion - wow! I saw your name on the RSVP list and was happy to hear of your attendance; it looks like a great turn out! It should be literally a blast from the past.
On a different note, some friends of ours who are Austalian but live in Singapore have just had their 3 year old son diagnosed. They have not taken it well. I have told them of your life story and what an inspiration you are, and have offered to connect you all. The dad, Julian, is raising funds and biking through Cambodia for an annual drive to raise monies for research - - Julian Thompson is our friend's name. You could read his bio in the rider's forum if you like.
I am so thrilled for your new mouse; it shows us all what determination can do! Thank you Johnny for you...I can still remember our 8th grade graduation from RSF at the Garden Club. Let's keep in touch - if you like. Happy 39th birthday John!

Caren Barnes said...

John, I am Rick's sister from Houston, Texas. You may remember that we were in San Diego last spring break before all your 10 months of struggles. We so enjoyed finally meeting you and your family. Everyone is fabulous. We would love to see you all again. Please give your mom and dad my love. Let us know, if you can, how you are doing. What are you doing for your birthday and are you are going to your high school reunion?
We want to wish you a wonderful 39th birthday!! We are sending our love and best wishes. Caren

Orla said...

Well written article.