Monday, May 21, 2007

Lianne Harding 1963-2007

Today I attended a memorial for a good friend. Lianne Harding was a regular at the Muscular Dystrophy adult support group that I attend quite regularly. Her form of MD,took quite a toll on her body. She had hearing loss, a pacemaker to assist her weakened heart, couldn't walk without difficulty , and had a whisper of a voice.Yet, she was able to keep on going and enjoying her life. She may have been frail in body, yet she was strong in spirit. Her concern for others was wonderful as well as her kind heart. She was concerned with how I was doing, especially when I was so seriously ill last year. Her kind e-mails always made my day and brought smiles to my face. Iwas inspired by her. It was privelege to have known her and she will be missed.

Her husband of 17 years, Bill truly loved her and strove to bring happiness and enjoyment to her life. He stood steadfastly by his wife's side. He always looked out for her. When he was on active duty in the Navy, he always made sure Lianne would be well-looked after when he was out on deployment. He should be commended for the dedication to his wife. Many men might find it hard to deal with a wife's progressive disability, but not Bill. He never gave up on Lianne.


Dave Harding said...

HI John..I am Liannes brother-in-law Dave (bills Brother). Lianne has been a very big part of our family for way over 17 years..I was blessed to have the best sister-in-law in the world. Even though Her and Bill lived in california and I am back here in the chicago area Lianne and I grew very close over the months and years thanks to the internet.. There were times one of us would just pick the phone up to say hi and the other had just been thinking about the We never hung up without saying "I love you".. Even in her weakening months and years we still remained very close and I was lucky enough to have just been out to visit her and Bill in march. IN her final months she didnt get out to much but while there we got to go out for a great mexican dinner with our other brother who was in town for the day and then since we were down on Coronado Island we had gotten to go to the Coronado hotel and she got to see the sunset with Bill and had an awsome time.. Looking around at all the people that were at her memorial service I could see the lives she had touched and friends she had made.. My hat goes off to you and the other friends of hers that were there from the support group..God has a reason why each of us have a different path in life and the courage and strength that I saw that day in you with your daily battle was truely a testimony.Even though Liannes battle is now over I know she will always be loved in all of our hearts... Dave Harding

Ann Lange said...

We met Lianne back in highschool. She introduced us and we have been together for 25 years....14 married. Lianne was always funny and her mischief would always end up with us laughing. She had an infectious laugh and was just such a great person. It was very difficult to see her suffer as she did. But she was always so courageous. She was always strong even when her body wasn't. Her and Bills story is an amazing one. One that really stood the test of all tests. They proved their love for each other over and over. I just wish we had one more day to tell her how amazing she was. I was lucky to have a friend like her and lucky to know Bill. God bless you and stay strong.