Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Birthday

On July ninth, despite Duchenne muscular dystrophy, I reached forty-nine. I was not expected to make it this far. This birthday, like every one, is a gift--. the gift of more time to enjoy life. Though living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy is not always pleasant, or easy, and can be frustrating, I still feel glad to be alive.

In life there is always some form of suffering, but there is also pleasure and joy. If there was no suffering, it would not make the moments of pleasure and joy so wonderful.

Instead of dwelling on the unpleasant aspects of my life, I choose to focus on the good things in my life.  It is not always easy to do this, but it is better than having a dark cloud always hovering over me. 


Mark Slama said...

Excellent attitude John! I often think about how difficult life must be for you and I'm sure you have those dark days. But I also know you have a loving support team ready to lift you up (both physically and mentally). Keep staying strong John and I can't wait to celebrate the big 50 with you next year!

Wendy said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Its great you enjoy life. You inspire me.

Jason Kincaid said...

Johnny, You ready for a Name from your PAST??? Jason Kincaid... My sister forwarded me your Blog. Awesome read. Miss your Brotha. I'm so proud of you and think back when we were kids. K-8 & Beyond.

I want to come see you and sit and catch up. I'm living in Fallbrook and all's Good.

ABLEize said...
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ABLEize said...

Great site John, I have added a link to you inside my disability directory, see

Muscular Dystrophy Resources @