Monday, March 09, 2015

Ask John

Do you prefer that people ask about your disability, or is that rude?

I don't mind when people ask me about my disability. It is a great way to educate people about disability and to break down barriers between the disabled and non-disabled. I feel it is only rude when a person asks questions about  my disability without introducing themselves and making some normal conversation first. It is also rude for a stranger to ask deeply personal, or embarrassing questions. Most people would not want strangers to ask about their sex lives, or bowel movements,  for example.


CECI ALBA said...

I appreciate your comments on this. I hate ir when people stare at me and try to figure out what is wrong with me.

Kanna Clan said...

At first I hate people asking me what happen to me,because a lot of people don't have knowledge about muscle dystrophy,and I always ended up explaining for hours,and yet they don't get it,and tells me that I'm lack of proteins,excercise,,etc...but I learned how to deal with those kind of people.