Tuesday, July 09, 2013

My Birthday

My last blog post was on my birthday last year. I have decided to resume my blog on my birthday this year. It is a new start.

Today I am forty-five. When I was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of six, I was not expected to make it past my teenage years. I have shattered those expectations decade after decade. From this, I have learned not to pay much attention to deadlines. Life is a rollercoaster ride that must come to a stop eventually, so you just have to enjoy the ride while it lasts. It is a series of ups and downs. If there were no downs, than the ups wouldn't be so great. Enjoying the ride for such a long time is my way of thumbing my nose at DMD. DMD has not defeated me yet, and I don't plan on letting it any time soon.

On my birthday, I remember all the friends and acquaintances that I have lost to DMD. I also reflect on those who I didn't know who were taken to soon by DMD.  Any loss to this disease is a great loss to the DMD community. All of us with this disease are fighting against a common foe. I hope for the day when no one else has to face this scourge.


Megan said...

Happy Birthday!

Karen Wood said...

You are an inspiration to us all John!
Happy Birthday!
Love and hugs
PS Tell that crazy sis of yours to call me... long overdue!

Jon's Pop said...

A BIG Happy 45th Birthday to you, John. I know it hasn't been a carefree year and I admire your fearless will to live. As you may know, I lost my "hanai" brother Karl last April and my big brother Earl in December. They're up there looking out for us, as are all of your DMD brothers and sisters. They are our angels. I hope to see you soon, maybe later this month when my parents are in town. Keep up the blog. I enjoy your perspectives. LOTS of love to you and the family. Alan Watson

Wendy Beveridge said...

John, happy birthday to you!

Stacie Plascencia said...

Happy belated Birthday John! I just found your blog. Your remind so much of my brother who lived life to the fullest as well until the age of 38. Can't wait to read your blog next year!

Andy Babb said...

Dear John,

My name is Andy Babb and my 3 year old boy, Nate, is diagnosed with DMD. Nate has been given the same prognosis as you were given. You may not consider yourself a hero or an inspiration but at the very least you give me hope for Nate during a very trying time. For that I thank you with all of my heart.

Very best regards,

Andy Babb

Kelley Jhung said...

You rock. Love your blog, John. Love your spirit.

Andrea in Wisconsin said...

Happy belated birthday, John. You're 10 years ahead of my son, Jacob, who is 35 with DMD. His younger brother passed away at 22 and my brother at 17. I hope you write more in your blog this year. I always look forward to reading your comments.

May you have many more birthdays and continue to look the DMD beast in the eye and say, "Not me, not yet."


Bibiana said...

Happy Birthday! What an inspiration you are! And your writing is excellent.