Saturday, December 05, 2009

Josh Winheld 1978-2009

Today I received some sad news. Josh Winheld, who I got acquainted with on the internet group, DMD Pioneers, lost his battle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy today. I didn't know Josh as well as others did, and chatted with him on the internet only a few times, but I did read many of his postings to the group. He was kind, upbeat, and didn't let his disability get in the way of enjoying life. Any time a DMDer is lost, it is a loss to all of us with DMD, and is a reminder of our own mortality. The wish for a cure for DMD also becomes even stronger. It is a reminder to all, not just those with DMD, to love and enjoy life while you can, for you never know when your time is up. Josh is now at peace. My thoughts are with his friends and family. He will be missed by all, and has left a positive impact on all who knew, or were acquainted with him.


Jason G said...

Yes it is very sad news. He was a great guy with lots of spirit and drive. He reminded me of me.

He wrote a book that you can purchase at:

All proceeds go to charity. I never got around to reading it, but I hear it is great. It says they are sold out, but you can back order, but I bet if we all order copies, they will run another print soon.

Carolina said...

Josh talked about a digital version of the book, since there are many like himself, unable to hold it and turn the pages. He said he had discussed it with the publisher. I guess the problem is copy protection. Perhaps someone could also read it to a cd.
I wonder if it will happen, I know this book could make a difference.

Diane J Standiford said...

I am sad to hear this. Yes, a loss for all. If you are accepting awards I hope you will pick yours up tomorrow on my blog. I always am inspired by you. Happy Holidays
(Carolina has a great idea)