Wednesday, June 24, 2009

15 Year Anniversary

This month marks fifteen years since I was trached and vented. Being trached and vented gave me a new lease on life. If I didn't decide to have this done, this would have been the fifteenth anniversary of my death. Choosing life was a no-brainer; I wasn't ready to cash in my chips just yet. At twenty-six, I still had a lot more living ahead of me, and a lot to live for as well. Being trached and on a ventilator has it share of challenges, but it sure beats the alternative. No matter how tough things can get, I never for a moment regret my choice to live.


Anonymous said...

....and I'm a richer man for having met you in those 15 years. Thank you John for your friendship.
My warmest wishes, Bill Harding

Theodore said...

Amen............I think you speak for all of us who had to make the same decision.

Mark said...

Big congrat's John!

Cheers - Mark

Kelster69 said...

As always, John, you are an inspiration. Happy Anniversary.