Friday, June 27, 2008

14 Year Anniversary

This month marks 14 years since I was trached and vented. But, more importantly, it was when I was given a new lease on life. I was given the choice between life and death. If I got a trach, I would live, if not, I would have been taken off life-support and been gone. Without hesitation, I chose life. A wise choice. I knew I had big challenges ahead of me, but I still had more living to do and so much to live for.


Corey said...

Cool, this October will be 14 yrs for me too. Thank GOD for vents.


Scott Sands said...


This December will mark my 19th year of ventilator-dependency. I can't even remember how it felt being without a vent. But I'd much rather be alive with a vent than dead without one.

Scott Sands