Friday, March 28, 2008


Recently, the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq surpassed 4000. This occured with little mention. I guess this country is suffering from Iraq War fatigue and is preoccupied with the worsening economy. But, we must not forget our men and women in uniform who have fallen halfway across the globe in the hornets nest called Iraq. It may be that there is a drop in violence, but our soldiers are still dying, along with many Iraqis caught up in the vicious cycle of sectarian violence. The tragedy is that all this violence was unleashed by an invasion based on the lies and deceit of the Bush administration. By invading a country which posed no threat to the U.S. and which had no connection to 9/11 and Al-Qaeda, makes the U.S. the belligerent. The neo-conservative hijackers of our government, including Dick Cheney, have been itching for a fight with Iraq, ever since the first Gulf War when George H.W. Bush decided not to march on Baghdad and topple Saddam Hussein. This is one of the wisest things George Bush Sr. did (next to signing the Americans with Disabilities Act). He understood the terrible consequences of such a course of action. I guess the son was easily influenced by the neo-cons, and not his father.

After the terrible events of 9/11 the U.S. received much good will from around the world and even support to go into Afghanistan. But, this goodwill was soon squandered by our rush to war with Iraq and our subsequent invasion of a country which didn't attack us. They scared the American public with the catchphrase, weapons of mass-destruction, and visions of mushroom clouds over U.S. cities. They also tried to link Iraq to the 9/11 attacks and Al-Qaeda. What many people don't realize is that Osama Bin Laden detested Saddam Hussein. Al-Qaeda was not in Iraq until our invasion and occupation of that country. But, with that said, more of the attacks on U.S. personnel have been carried out by Iraqi insurgents who don't want us in their country. Attacks have decreased recently because we have paid off the Sunni insurgents with large amounts of cash. But, the violence goes on with little end in sight.

I look forward to the day when our troops can return home. This will not happen anytime soon. The problem of Iraq will be inherited by the next president. If it is John McCain, we can expect to be in Iraq until who knows when. If it is Barack Obama, there is a good chance we will begin a withdrawal. Hillary Clinton is also for withdrawal. But, I don't completely trust her. She voted for the resolution to go to war against Iraq. Barack Obama was against the war from the beginning and still is. This is one of the big reasons why I support Obama for president.

I grieve for our fine men and women who have given their lives in the service of this country. I feel that they have died in vain. Also, I feel for the families and friends of the fallen. I am sad for the sons, and daughters who have lost their fathers or mothers, brothers and sisters who have lost a sibling, mothers and fathers who have lost a son or daughter, wives and husbands who have lost a spouse, girlfriends and boyfriends who have lost their sweethearts, people who have lost good friends. War creates a chain of tears. While I mourn the dead, my thoughts also go to the 20,000 or more who have been added to the the ranks of the disabled, through loss of limbs, head injuries, etc. And, last but not least all the Iraqis who have lost their lives, or have been injured as a result of the violence. There is so much suffering all around. We must not forget this.


Lance Anderson said...

Hey John

I'm totally with you on this one. Did you happen to see the two part Frontline special about the war? It really brokedown all of the mistakes that were made, including going into Iraq in the first place!

To quote Chris Matthews about the war: "Thanks Dick!"

Keep up the good work.



Anonymous said...

If Bush's children were on the front lines...the war would be over! Have all his cronies out there with George too.....

Diane J Standiford said...

Imagine...hard to do with Dumbya around.

Diane J Standiford said...

I had to highlight your wonderful blog on my blog today. Love the music.

Jason G said...


I agree the war was a mistake from the beginning. That makes the loss of life even sadder than it would normally. I do not know what the best solution is at this point in time now that we ARE in Iraq.

I disagree that Bush Sr. not going into Baghdad and taking out Hussein was a good move. At the time the Shia were in the streets ready to rebel against Hussein and the Sunni government. They were ready to take back their government. Bush SR promised US support in the uprising, and then later went back on his word! If we would have supported the Shia then, we could have helped them take our Hussein with little loss of American life. We would also have built the trust of the Shia militias and clerics. We would also have built worldwide goodwill to other populations around the world that want to rise against dictatorial leaders/governments. Instead, because we promised and re-nigged, we continued a credibility problem that we've had for years, and which only deepened with the Bush JRs Iraq war.

Things in the 00s would look a lot different if Bush SR would have supported Shia militias in taking Baghdad in '91.


rainlillie said...

Thanks to Diane, I found your blog. I really enjoyed your post "4000+". I also enjoyed the music. Thanks for sharing you opinions and your wisdom.