Friday, November 23, 2007

Embarcadero Park

Today I went down to Embarcadero Park in San Diego with my nurse, Ernie. It was a cool, breezy day along the waterfront of beautiful San Diego Bay. It was nice to stroll along the waterfront and see all the sailboats out on the bay catching the wind. There is something peaceful about seeing sailboats gliding through the water. There were a lot of other people out and about enjoying the day after Thanksgiving. I decided to avoid shopping areas, on this "black Friday", the busiest shopping day of the year. I guess many other people had the same idea as me. Because of the breezes there were an assortment of colorful kites of all shapes and sizes on display. I have always enjoyed the sight of kites. I wish I could come up with a way to fly kites from my wheelchair. Another interesting site was a man balancing rocks on top of other rocks. It seemed to violate the laws of gravity. A crowd of people were gathered around to marvel at this feat. I want to know how he was able to balance those rocks. Here and there hanging out on the grass and enjoying the day were the ubiquitous homeless people. I wonder what their stories are. How many of them are there by choice, how many are there because of unfortunate circumstances, or mental illness? On this day after Thanksgiving and seeing the homeless people makes me truly thankful to have a roof over my head.

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